We are proud to introduce you to one of the Finest Boy Scout Troops in Monroe County - TROOP 31. At Boy Scout Troop 31, we emphasize character development, citizenship, self-reliance and leadership development presented in a way that is both enjoyable and worthwhile. At Troop 31, we've been training leaders for over 100 years, and having a good time doing it! 

Boy Scout Troop 31 was formed in April 1913. It is the longest established Boy Scout Troop in City of Rochester, and the second oldest troop in Monroe county and in Seneca Waterways Council. In fact, the Troop is older than Seneca Waterways Council, which was formed in 1918. The Boy Scouts of America was established in 1910, so Troop 31 was there at the beginning.

Since 1913, we've awarded over 160 Eagle Scout ranks, which is the highest honor earned as a boy scout. We are rich with experience, leadership, tradition, and good times. Boy Scout Troop 31 has always been sponsored by and held meetings at Third Presbyterian Church, which is located at the corner of Meigs Street and East Avenue in Rochester. Church membership is not necessary. We accept Scouts of any denomination.


The underlying philosophy of Boy Scout Troop 31 is that boys become leaders through the experience of leading: "Learning through doing." The Troop is run by the Scouts with the guidance and supervision of the Scoutmaster and the adult staff. For the older Scouts, this system provides meaningful leadership opportunities and a chance to give important guidance to newer Scouts. The long term success of Boy Scout Troop 31 is largely due to the troop being run by the scouts. Often, as boys become older they get jobs and become involved in other opportunities. A scout troop that doesn't offer continued interest generally loses boys as they get older. With Troop 31, younger boys look forward to future leadership roles, and more often stay a boy scout until they're eighteen, often returning as staff members after college. Click here to Print the Troop Informational Flyer

About Boy Scout Troop 31

Council Sponsor

Seneca Waterways Council
Service Center & Scout Shop

474 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607 
Phone: (585)244-4210
Fax: (585) 244-9403
Email: joinscouting@SenecaWaterways.org
Website: www.SenecaWaterways.org

Boy Scout Troop 31 
Rochester, New York

Charter Orginazation Sponsor

Third Presbyterian Church

4 Meigs Street Rochester NY 14607-2013
Website: www.thirdpresbyterian.org