Supporting Youth through

Scouting for 103 years 

Boy Scout Troop 31​ 
Rochester, New York

Third ​​Saturday of Every Month, 

June 11th 

Dining Room Ministry

Start Time: 10:00am-12:30

Third Presbyterian Church

Need 4 Scouts and one adult 


Court of Awards
June 20th

Seton Catholic School

This is our annual picnic COA celebration.  The Troop Committee will be hosting a basic Barbeque. 

Scouts (especially those who earned rank or Merit Badges) and Parents are  requested to attend.  Families plan to bring a salad, pasta dish or other side dish or a dessert to feed 20-25 individuals.



May 16, 2016

  • Inventory of equipment prepping for new trailer renovation
  • ​Scoutmaster Conferences

​​May Camp out,

May 20th-22nd

Parent/Scout Camp Out

Mendon Park Scout Area

Full moon that weekend, great time for a night hike!

Please see Sign-up on Camping page 

​​Massawepie Summer Camp

FIRST WEEK:   Sunday, July 24 through Saturday, July 30 
SECOND WEEK:  Sunday, July 31 through Saturday, August 6 

June 6, 2016 - Completed medical, dietary health and medication forms are due. 

​​Scout Awarded All 141 Boy Scout Merit Badges Before 18th Birthday

December 2015


A local teen was able to get all 141 Boy Scout merit badges before he turned 18 this year.

Troop 31 scout John Folwell was recognized Monday night with a Certificate of Achievement. Folwell is a senior at McQuaid Jesuit High School. He joined scouting in the first grade. In cub scouts, he earned all 20 pins, then went on to earn every merit badge on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout.

Scout leaders say it's something that doesn't happen very often.

"I think it's a great accomplishment. I think it could be an inspiration to all these other scouts, who are just joining now. They can see someone who's been through it and was very successful at it and it can give them a role model to look towards. Part of it was me enjoying it and learning from the badges, but part of it's also giving back to the troupe and helping these younger scouts," said Folwell

TWC Link to Video: Click here

D&C Article by Gary Craig: CLICK HERE

​​Visions of Scouting

 I was standing in my Scout uniform one day

 when a young lad came up to say,

 "I can tell by your clothes that you are a Scout.

 Would you tell me what that's all about."

 "Young man", I said, "do you see that sky

 and the shapes of the clouds passing by?

 Can you see an Indian stalking a bear

 or a fox sneaking up on a snowshoe hare?

 Do you see in those clouds an old, old man

 who looks like he needs a helping hand?

 How 'bout a boat, it's sails filled with wind?

 I see all those things and even more young friend."

 I looked at the boy, he was shaking his head.

 "Didn't see any of that stuff that you just said.

 What's that got to do with Scouts anyway?

 You guys just stare at the sky all day?"

 "No, we do lots of other great stuff,

 some of it easy and a lot of it tough.

 We go camping, canoeing and take long hikes;

 tell stories round the campfire and ride mountain bikes.

 And we help other people when they have need

 and we learn how to follow and then how to lead.

 We play ball and shoot bows and learn to tie knots.

 We cook food in the ground and we make clay pots.

 We like swimming and skiing and sailing a boat

 and we'll row anything we can keep afloat.

 We weave baskets of straw and make things from leather.

 We spend time outdoors in all kinds of weather.

 So those visions in the sky I asked you about

 come from many great experiences of being a Scout,

 and from the Great Scoutmaster who lives in that sky

 and keeps us all in his watchful eye."

 "I'll see ya mister. I gotta go see

 if those Scouting visions can come true for me."

 I watched the young man run off down the street

 and thought to myself, "thanks God, that was neat!"

 By: Tom Sullivan, Committee Chairman Troop 51, Saxonburg, PA  August 19, 1995

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