Boy Scout Troop 31 
Rochester, New York

Lord Baden-Powell

Founder of Scouting​

A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.”

Mission and Vision of B.S.A.

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. 

The Vision the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare every eligible youth in America to become a Responsible, anticipating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Law.

Membership in the Boy Scouts of America is open to all boys and young adults who meet the joining requirements.Membership in Scouting, advancement, and achievement of leadership in scouting units are open to all youth without regard to race or ethnic background and are based entirely upon individual merit.
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Come and share your photos of past and present Troop 31 events.  We have created a secure Shutterfly account to store, share, and print  photos and videos of our Troop 31 events.  Over 50 photo albums and 10,000 photos have been uploaded by scouts, leaders, and families.from a number of our past courts, camp-outs, and  trips.  The staff invite you to visit and share any photos you may have of any past or present events.

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Visions of Scouting

In 1910, the Boy Scouts of America was founded to help young people grow into responsible, well-rounded citizens. As a result, more than 100 million Americans have experienced the traditional, values-based program offered by the BSA. Below, a celebrated American shares their thoughts on the Scouting experience:

"I admire the Boy Scouts of America because the BSA has meant finding real  solutions to some of the problems plaguing our country and has kept the faith in what America is and must mean to the world. You show that character comes from one small act at a time, caring for each child as if he or she were our own." 

George Bush, former President of the United States of America.


Welcome from Our Scoutmaster

As members of Boy Scout Troop 31, the boys manage and control all aspects of the troop operations - from planning a simple meal for a patrol to running a meeting to planning a camping trip. 


Our adult advisers provide guidance to the scout leadership so that they can accomplish the goals they have set for themselves and the troop.  Through years of successful programs, Boy Scout Troop 31 has created an environment that challenges boys to learn what it takes to be self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-motivated while simultaneously caring about and leading others.

After 100 years, our parents and alumni are proud of the 163 scouts who have earned their rank of Eagle as members of Boy Scout Troop 31.  If you are interested in visiting or joining Boy Scout Troop 31, we welcome you to visit a troop meeting and experience it first-hand. I look forward to meeting with you; feel free to contact me at to set up appointment to visit Troop 31.


Yours in Scouting,

​John H. Folwell 

Boy Scout Troop 31

38th Scoutmaster

Massawepie ​Summer Camp 

July 26th - August 9th

Philmont High Adventure ​

Expedition Number 726-V-04

July 24th - August 8th

Climbing Merit


Saturday, August 16th

St. Rita’s Troop 163 is organizing the Climbing merit badge through Rock Ventures.  They need a commitment of 10 boys to meet their minimum and have generously invited Troop 31 scouts to join them.  If your son is interested in this opportunity, please email ASAP.

To complete the merit badge at Rock Ventures*, you need to be 12, as there is a belaying requirement.  You can, if you are younger than that, do the remainder of requirements and then get a voucher to come in for the belaying requirement after your 12th birthday. 

The date is Saturday August 16th from 5-9PM with a program fee of $40.   The merit badge event would include the following:

  • 4 hour event - runs from 5PM – 9PM
  • Equipment (Harness, Helmets and Shoe Rental)
  • Belay training ( must be 12 yrs or older to do) - must work in 3 person teams
  • Climbing
  • Merit badge requirements (knots, rappelling, etc.)
  • Use of 2 elements - cargo net and vertical play pen (time permitting)
  • **They do not cover the CPR/First Aid portion of the merit badge
  • 2 Slices of pizza and lemonade
  • $40.00 per person with a minimum of 10 guaranteed ($400.00). 

Anyone under 18 years old must come with a signed waiver by their parents.This waiver can be found at on the home page.

First Fall 2014 Monday Meeting

September 15th

Month Meeting: 7;15 at Third Presbyterian Church

​September Camp Out​

September 19th-21st

Campout at Camp Cutler, with zip-lining at Bristol Mountain on Saturday. Details to follow.


7 challenge courses. 100 elements. 10 amazing zip lines.

Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures is a recreation based family oriented outdoor activity set in the forest canopy. An Aerial Adventure Park is a series of challenge courses interwoven within the forest canopy. Our New York Aerial Park consists of six different courses and a kids course with varying levels of difficulty. Each course is made up of 12-15 elements with each element being suspended between platforms that are secured to trees. Elements include zip lines, tight rope walk, rope ladders, and bridges.

​Patrol Leader Training

August 22nd-24th

Patrol Leader Training

This will be a camp out for Scouts who have obtain the rank of First Class or higher who wish to obtain the position of Patrol Leader or other "Positions of Responsibility." PLT will take place at the Mohawk Lodge at Webster Park. Formal invites will be sent by Mr. Folwell.


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