Boy Scout Troop 31 
Rochester, New York

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​​BSA Troop 31 Annual Christmas Tree Sale

  • November 27th-December 23rd​
  • ​Corner of East Ave. and Meigs St.
  • Hundred of trees & multiple varieties
  • 2'-3' Table Tops to 5'-10' full size trees
  • Come and help support local scouting
  • ​Open Daily 9am-9pm and Sundays 11am-9pm

​​Monday, September 28th 


EVENT: Rock Ventures Climbing 
PLACE: 1044 University Ave, Rochester, NY 14607 (585) 442-5462 
ACTIVITY: Indoor rock climbing walls & rope courses for all ages and fitness levels. Open to all scouts (no age limit) and adults in the troop 
TIME: 6 PM to 9 PM - however belayers are required to arrive at 5:15 PM for training 
BELAYERS: Some have volunteered already, but we could use more. Belayers hold the end of the rope as climbers climb the rope. To be a belayer, you mus be at least 14 years old and arrive at 5:15 PM at Rock Ventures for training 
COST: $15.00 per climbing scout/adult - please pay SM Folwell or another designated ASM at Rock Ventures. Belayers are free. 
FOOD: Every climbing (paying) scout/adult and belayer will receive two slices of pizza and lemonade. Non-climbing scouts & adults can purchase pizza & lemonade directly from Rock Ventures 
WAIVER FORM: all climbing scouts/adults and belayers must complete the Rock Ventures waiver and email it to Rock Ventures prior to your arrival on Monday.  Click here for on-line Waiver 
WHAT TO WEAR: Class B. Recommended to wear good, tight sneakers or boots and looser fitting pants (no tight blue jeans) and shorts are OK 
SIGN-UP: Please register for this event via the troop's website. We have to call in a headcount to Rock Ventures no later than 12 noon on Monday, Sept 28th. 
SUGGESTIONS: For those who don't want to climb or belay, there's seating available to watch the activities at no cost. Climbing takes a lot of energy and if you think two slices of pizza won't be enough have a light dinner or snack before you arrive 
5:15 PM Belayers arrive at Rock Ventures - scouts' parents who are belaying can come too and hang out 
5:30-6 PM Belayers trained 
5:30-6:15 PM Pizza & lemonade 
6:00 PM all climbers should arrive 
6:15-9:00 PM climbing 

***Your scout dues are helping the troop subsidize a good portion of this sure to be fun filled event Rock Ventures Climbing ​

Friday-Sunday, September 25-27th 

Start Time: 5:30 pm.

  • Camp CUtler "NEW CAMPING AREA"
    • Whispering Creek
  • $10 Standard fee
  • Philmont style camping.
  • Patrol Activities
  • Campfire and program
  • Flag Retirement
  • Please sign-up on Sign-up page Click Here

​​Monday, September 21st 

Start Time: 7:15 pm. 

October 9th-12th

The Seneca Waterways

46 Peak Challenge

46 Scouts on 46 Peaks

  • When- Columbus Day weekend- October 9th through 12th, 2015 (we will most likely return Sunday the 11th.)
  • Where- ADK High Peaks-(Check in and packet pick up at Mountaineer Base Camp)
  • Why- The goal is to have Scout groups discover all 46 peaks this weekend.
  • (Peak assignments will be based on trip experience and top 3 requests per group)
  • Accommodations-Camp Mountaineer available for camping.(all meals on your own except Sunday night)  
  • Cost- $35 includes Tee Shirt and Meal on Sunday night

​​Visions of Scouting

Daniel Carter Beard (1850-1941)
Daniel Carter Beard grew up hearing stories of pioneer days and exploring the woods near his Covington, Ky., home. After attending art school in New York City, he began a long career as a writer and illustrator.

One winter day in New York, Beard came across newsboys sleeping on the damp pavement of Printing House Square. It was this sight that “started me on my lifelong crusade for American boyhood,” he later wrote.

In 1905, in the pages of Recreation magazine, Beard created a loosely organized boys’ program he called the Sons of Daniel Boone. Somewhere between 2,000 and 20,000 boys joined the group in the next few years, organizing themselves in “forts” and “stockades” and taking on the names of heroes such as Daniel Boone (president), Kit Carson (treasurer) and Davy Crockett (secretary). When Beard joined Pictorial Review magazine, he renamed the group the Boy Pioneers of America and published its first handbook.

With the advent of the BSA, Beard shut down his nascent organization and joined the BSA as one of the first national commissioners.

“Uncle Dan,” as he was known, remained involved in Scouting until his death in 1941 — even showing up at the 1937 National Scout Jamboree to light the opening campfire with flint and steel. He was honored with one of the first Silver Buffalo Awards in 1926.

Troop 31 Shutterfly 
Photo Site

Come and share your photos of past and present Troop 31 events.  We have created a secure Shutterfly account to store, share, and print  photos and videos of our Troop 31 events.  Over 50 photo albums and 10,000 photos have been uploaded by scouts, leaders, and families.from a number of our past courts, camp-outs, and  trips.  The staff invite you to visit and share any photos you may have of any past or present events.

Click here to visit the 

site.  Since this is a secure site, you will need to register and be approved. Please provide your name and the years associated with the troop. . You may invite family members to view the site. Please have them reference your information in their request for access. If the committee has questions, we will email you separately for your blessing before granting permission.  If you have any other questions please contact the Webmasters at

Mission and Vision of B.S.A.

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

The Vision the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare every eligible youth in America to become a Responsible, anticipating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Law.

Membership in the Boy Scouts of America is open to all boys and young adults who meet the joining requirements.Membership in Scouting, advancement, and achievement of leadership in scouting units are open to all youth without regard to race or ethnic background and are based entirely upon individual merit.