Boy Scout Troop 31 
Rochester, New York

Massawepie Summer Camp

Merit Badge Sign-up

Deadline March 10th

  • All First Year Scouts must take periods 9:00 and 9:45 as Trailblazer  (Troop 31 does their own trailblazer program which is only two periods.)
  • If program select is two sessions, please select for each session.  Cycling and BSA Lifeguard are four periods long
  • Select program for "all" time periods.. 
  • Verify which MB you already have before signing up.
  • Ask Mr. Jay M. if you need to check
  • Verify age & rank requirements
  • Make sure you complete all  prerequisites before camp, you don't want a partial!

Scouts & Leaders must have all Medical Forms turned in a month prior to Massawepie

Submit forms to Dr. Deane, let him know if there will be a delay

* Annual Health Medical Form Part A & B for Youth and Parts A, B, & C for Adults

* Dietary Health Form (required if scout has food allergies)

* Medication Form