Supporting Youth through

Scouting for 109 years 

Boy Scout Troop 31​ 
Rochester, New York

Let's turn the hands of the clock back 893,520 hours ... Just being organized on a national basis was the Boy Scouts of America, an outgrowth of the English scouting movement. The year was 1910 …

On October 26, 1911, Third Presbyterian Church in Rochester, New York with fewer than 500 members organized a Boys' Guild. Having included all senior boy members of the Sunday school, the guild was established as an "organization for social and religious interests of the church and community". Its policy from the very beginning was to invite outside boys to participate, so as to provide a common fellowship for ALL boys in the area. By September 1912, the membership of the Boys' Guild had reached 100.  Two new bowling alleys had just been installed at the church, a project which the guild had undoubtedly promoted.   In November of that year the guild's second annual banquet was held, and an amendment to the constitution limiting membership to boys over 15 years of age was passed. As the New Year came in, the Boys' Guild faded out, giving way to much the same group of boys with an added interest. This new interest among those boys who met at the Third Presbyterian Church was called “Scouting.” ​On April 10, 1913, the following article appeared in THE CHRONICLER, a former monthly publication of Third Presbyterian Church: BOY SCOUTS, FOLLOW YOUR LEADER: At a meeting held in the Parish House Thursday, April 10th, the boys of the Church discussed organizing a branch of the Boy Scout movement. Capt. F. W. Hinrichs, Jr., has consented to be the leader, at a personal sacrifice of time and energy. His personality will be inspiring for our boys. With such a Captain every lad in the congregation will be attracted. This organization presents a rare opportunity for the boys, and we will tell you young chaps that Captain Hinrichs will "lead where you dare follow". FOLLOW YOUR LEADER. 
Centennial Celebration Yearbook

Due to BSA Policies protecting the current youth of the troop, the Centennial document is not available electronically.  If you interested in obtaining the Centennial document and the complete history of Troop 31, please email the troop at