Supporting Youth through

Scouting for 109 years 

Boy Scout Troop 31​ 
Rochester, New York


General Responsibilities

  • Arrive at the lot TEN minutes early to relieve the scouts on the previous shift 
  • Dress warmly. Layers of clothes are best.
  • EVERYONE working on the shift  should wear gloves and boots. 
  • Sign in at the beginning of your shift. 
  • Do not leave at the end of your shift until you have been relieved by another  adult. 
  • If you are unable to make a shift you have signed up for, get a substitute from another Scout or Parent.

General Operation

  • The Senior Leader are in charge of the lot during your shift.
  • The cashier is responsible for the cash register only.  
  • The Senior Leader on the shift will lead the Scouts in the carrying out of the tasks on the lot. 
  • Scouts are to offer to help each customer as soon as the customer arrives on the lot. 
  • The Scouts are not to leave the tree lot during their shift.  The Troop is responsible for scouts safety and well being. 
  • There is to be no horseplay on the lot. Throwing snowballs is strictly prohibited due to the danger of injuring a customer or small children. 
  • Parents and Senior Leaders are to watch out for the younger scouts and for Cub Scouts at all time and appropaite behaviors. 
  • The Scouts need to be reminded about staying clear of the driveway due to the potential slippery conditions and drivers pulling in and not seeing them. 
  • ELECTRIC CHAINSAW: Scouts and Senior leaders ARE NOT ALLOWED to use the electric chainsaw. The electric chainsaw is to be operated by an individual 18 years or older and ONLY within the designated chainsaw cutting area, no one else is allowed within this area.  NO EXCEPTIONS  

Annual Christmas Tree Sale Fundraiser

Christmas Tree Sales 2022:  Tree sales begin on November 26th, 2022 at 9am in the parking lot of Third Presbyterian Church.

Hours of operation:
Monday through Friday, 11am to 9pm.
Saturday, 9am to 9pm
Sunday, 12pm to 8pm

Boy Scout Troop 31 is the oldest boy scout troop in the city of Rochester, celebrating over 100 years of scouting.  The troop has been providing fresh cut high quality Christmas trees to the Rochester Area for 70 years since 1952.

We offer hundreds of trees ranging from 3 -10 feet and the largest selection of table-top trees from 2-4 feet in area. There are many different styles of trees to choose from including Douglas, Fraser and Balsam. We stock a large selection of handmade fresh cut wreaths and always have fresh cut bundles of boughs to help decorate your home.

Boy scouts will provide help picking out the perfect tree, provide a fresh cut, bailing the tree for easy transport, and tying it on your car.​

100% of the proceeds support the Boy Scout Troop 31.

Information for Scouts and Parents

The Troop's only fund raiser is our annual Christmas Tree Sale, generally held starting the first Saturday in December and continuing until Christmas Eve in the Third Presbyterian Church parking lot. Funds raised are used for Troop equipment, weekend and summer camping subsidies and other worthwhile Scouting projects. A Scout's 100 percent participation will subsidize nearly the entire cost of summer camp. The Tree Sale is organized by the Troop Committee.  Scouts and parents fulfill staffing duties at the Tree Lot. Scouts serve from seven to ten three-hour shifts depending on the size of the Troop while parents are asked generally to serve two three-hour shifts. Scout shifts are assigned randomly, but there are opportunities to swap shifts with other scouts.  at a mandatory parents meeting after the Fall COH, parents are asked to sign up for their shifts times based on their personal schedules. Aside from raising money, staffing the Tree Lot provides the Scouts with excellent experience in salesmanship and dealing with the public. From the parent's point of view, staffing the lot provides an opportunity to spend some time with their son and work toward a common goal.

Arrow of Light Scouts crossing into Troop 31:

Arrow of Light Scouts considering joining Troop 31 may participate in our Christmas Tree Sale and qualify for a two-week campership to Camp Massawepie. This is a great opportunity for rapid advancement in Scouting, not to mention a substantial financial savings.

Boy Scout Troop 31
4 Meigs Street, Rochester, NY 14607, United States
Telephone:  (Please Email at this time)

Adult Leaders and Parent 


  • Keep the boys working, selling, cutting and tying trees.
  • Use the Senior Leaders on site to motivate the scouts (aka,tell them what needs to be done.)
  • Have Scouts stand trees on the racks properly (none laying on ground, check this at the beginning and during your shifts. Trees fall over easily.)
  • Have Scouts pick-up garbage, sticks, and limbs up and down tree lines.
  • Have Scout maintain a clean work area around the trailer.
  • Have Scouts empty garbage cans. A clean and neat lot make us look like we care about our product.
  • Remind the boys they are all salespeople selling "THEIR" product.
  • Use chainsaw to cut large trees bases and limbs. (Scout are never allowed to use chainsaw.)
  • Monitor them for safety, language, and appearance Sell and help when needed.
  • No money is to be handled by scouts or adults, send all customers into the trailer booth for the transactions.
  • Tips, absolutely NO soliciting. Tips, policy is that the Scout gives money to booth attendant as a donation to BSA Troop 31.