Sample #8

Boy Scout Troop 31; Star Service Hours (6hrs)

Service Place: Jamie S.’s Eagle Project
Hours Worked: 4
Date: Early Summer 201
          During the early summer of 2010 I volunteered and helped Jamie Squilla with his Eagle Project. I and several other scouts helped Jamie improve foot paths between the Erie Canal path and the back of the Ronald McDonald House on the corner of Kendrick Road near the University of Rochester campus. We worked on two trails. One going between the back of the house and the Gazebo. The other going from the Gazebo to the canal path. We laid mulch on the first trail to cover up the ingrown plants and dirt. On the second trail we had to trim several bushes so that they did not grow over on to the trail. There was also two tree’s in the middle of the trail that were severely trimmed. Once the pathway was clear we laid mulch on that part as well. At the end of the path we put in stair’s going down to the canal path.
          The Ronald McDonald House is almost like a charity. It provides a place for the families who have a patient at Strong Hospital a place to stay during the operations or whatever it may be. The Eagle Project I think has given the family members a place of reflection during their tough times and provides and outlet from the stress that they are being put under.

Service Place: Mt. Hope Cemetery
Hours Worked: 2
Date: October 23, 26 2010

          During the late days of October my brother and I went and assisted with the Friends of Mt. Hope annual Torch Light tours. These tours were not ghost tours however they were at night. My brother and I assisted in setting up and taking down the torches that lit the pathway that the tour groups were going to follow. During the tours we assisted in helping people find their way from the gatehouse where the tickets were sold to their  tour group meeting stations so that they could leave with their designated tour. This service helped an organization called the Friends of Mt. Hope. It is an organization that takes donation money and fundraiser money to help with the up keep of the cemetery so that it may remain a structurally safe place. The cemetery is also partially runned by the city of Rochester who will do the plowing an grounds up keep but the friends will do the community sort of stuff.

Service Place: St. Anne Church
Hours Worked: 2
Date: Early April 2011

           This event was set up by a Troop leader. During this event I and about ten other scouts cleaned up the grounds around St. Ann church on Mt. Hope Avenue. We raked pine needles into piles so that they could be picked up by a wheel barrel and taken to a dumpster. We also picked up any random trash and took that to a proper place. This benefited the church because no other crews could find a time to do this because the winter went on so late. By the end of this project the church was looking pretty good. I live one block from the church so I have to see it whenever I go home. When the church looks good I think it makes the rest of the neighborhood look good.

Sample #7

Boy Scout Troop 31; Star Service Hours (6hrs)

For 4 hours of service, I was an alter server for St. Anne. I alter served with my 5 brothers and sisters. I have served for many hours and masses. I really like alter serving because it’s a great opportunity for me to serve God in a great way. When I alter serve, I am filled with the presence and happiness of God. 

I also completed 2 hours of service by participating in Scouting for Food bag drop off.  I did this with my fellow Troop 31 scouts and Troop leaders. I have done this project Scouting for Food many times before. I learned that while doing this many people in my local community need food, shelter, supplies, water. I also learn how important it is to help people around me in our own community with their needs, and worries. I enjoyed doing this very much because I knew I was helping people less fortunate then me.

Sample #6

Boy Scout Troop 31; Life Service Hours (6hrs)

Date: August 7, 2010
Time: 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Total # Hours: 4
Service Activity:
 I worked with four Troop 31 new scouts who couldn’t attend Massawepie to learn rank advancement requirements for Tenderfoot. We collected tinder, kindling and firewood, built a fire, set up a Troop 31 tent, learned how to properly display, raise, lower, and fold the American flag, whipped and fused the ends of a rope, tied square knots, two half hitches and the taut-line hitch, discussed the rules of safe hiking, the importance of the buddy system, completed the initial fitness test, and more.  They also completed requirements for Second Class - 7a and 7c (First Aid). I enjoyed working with these scouts because they started to understand how scouting works. It felt good helping younger scouts begin their journey.

Date: September 26, 2010
Time: 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Total # Hours: 4.5
Service Activity:
 I volunteered at Flower City Down Syndrome Network “Buddy Walk” at Webster Park. I helped the coordinators set up tables and chairs, carried boxes, took photos of walkers next to sponsor signs. I enjoyed working with the organization because it was for a close family friend and I felt that the money they raised is put into research for Down Syndrome programs to help the kids get a full academic and social life.

Date: November 6, 2010
Time: 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Total # Hours: 1.5
Service Activity: 
I volunteered at The Third Presbyterian Church East Avenue Grocery Run. We provided cups of water for runners participating in the race.  I enjoyed working at the race because a lot of the runners were really tired and thirsty when they came by.  Everyone appreciated what we were doing for them.  It also helped our Troop sponsor with an activity. 

Date: November 6, 2010
Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Total # Hours: 4
Service Activity:
 I participated in Pack 65 Fall Clean-Up Service Project @ Our Lady Of Lourdes Parish & Seton Catholic School (we raked and transported leaves and branches to the curb for pick-up).  I enjoyed working at the clean-up because Our Lady Of Lourdes and Seton allowed Troop 31 to use their building while Third Presbyterian was undergoing construction. I felt that it helped us thank them for letting us use their space and helped keep their grounds nice.

Sample #1

Boy Scout Troop 31; Life Service Hours (6hrs)
  • As a Star Scout I had to acquire six total hours in order to proceed to the Life rank. In 2010 I visited the Ronald McDonald house for a total of two hours. I went there to do service along with my soccer team from McQuaid Jesuit. While we were there we raked leaves, planted flowers, and pulled the weeds surrounding the house. Although the worked seemed a little hard I knew that helping my community out was the right thing to do. I felt as though my team and I were doing a great thing cleaning up the perimeter of the McDonald house. After our hard work the house instantly began to look better on the outside.
  • For the remainder of my service hours I worked a total of seven hours along with my brother and troop to preform and carry out Stephen C's Eagle Project. We all met at the Tayolr's household and began to work on creating birdhouses. These were designed for the blue birds of New York. We all made houses and for a grand total made about twenty houses for the birds. i knew that we were saving a lot of blue birds by making them homes to survive in. We also made sure the birdhouses we high up for protection for the birds to lay eggs.
  • In reflection on the hours that I served within my community I knew that I was truly being a valued member of Troop 31. Helping people or animals out and making the community look cleaner helps me build character and to become a better Boy Scout of America.

Sample #2

Boy Scout Troop 31; Life Service Hours (6hrs)
  •  On 10/10 I worked at the Brightonian Nursing home and helped the residents exercise. I did this for 2 hours and it was with some of the players from my freshmen football team. This made the residents there very happy and I also had a lot of fun helping them exercise,
  • On 10/21 I worked at a Rochester City Schools garden.  I did this for 2 ½ hours and it was with some friends. I am glad that I did this because now the students there can look at their garden and admire it.
  • On 4/11 I worked at the Seton Sports Banquet. I did this for 2 hours and it was with friends.  I enjoyed working at this because I love sports and I could watch the students from my old school receive their awards for their great seasons.
  • Throughout the year I have alter served at my church. This added up to 12 hours. I enjoy alter serving because it gets me closer to God and being on the alter makes me feel more involved In the mass.
  • I attended Jamie Squilla's Eagle Project in June 2010. I did this for 3 hours. I enjoyed this because it was helping one of my fellow scouts receive his Eagle and I am glad that we could make a nice trail down to the canal.
  • I attended Pat Spath's Eagle Project in May 2010. I did this for 3 hours, I enjoyed this because it was helping one of my fellow scouts receive his Eagle and it was helping all the cats get shelter,
  • In August I worked at a drink stand at the Park Avenue Festival for 3 hours. I enjoyed this because got to work with friends and I could sell water to all the thirsty people at  the festival.
  •  In May, I worked at the Walk for Hearing for 3 hours. I enjoyed this because I could help people who were walking for a good cause and because myself helped that cause.

Sample #3

Boy Scout Troop 31; Star Service Hours (6hrs)

Description of ServiceBenefit of ServiceNumber of Hours
SWEM is a neighborhood food cupboard.     Their goal is to provide food for needy families.SWEM makes me fee; great because I know that I am making a difference In the community because I can help those in need1-2 hours every month. I have been doing this for about three years.
Patrick S's 
Eagle Scout Project
We worked on Building a peace Garden for the Ronald McDonald House. This benefited me because I got to know the people I was working with2 and a half hours
Daniel H.'s 
Eagle Scout Protect
During this Eagle Scout
Protect we cleaned up the park and installed a walkway with some benches along the walk way.
3 and a half hours

Sample #4

Boy Scout Troop 31; Star Service Hours (6hrs)

Service: sophomores of McQuaid Jesuit helped at nursing homes 

For: the elderly people who live at the homes
Where: Master Vie and other nursing homes
When: November 30, 2010
It felt great to help the elderly people and bring even more joy to their lives.

Service: raking/blowing leaves out of the way
For: Our Lady of Lourdes and Seton Catholic School
Where: Our Lady of Lourdes and Soon Catholic School
When: Autumn 2010
I felt good to help the church and school clean their yards and get more organized for the people coming there.

Service: helping out at an eagle project
For: Nate M.'s Eagle Project
Where: the new victory garden
When: Spring 2010
I felt awesome when I was helping to plant a victory garden that was going to be seen by so many people.

Sample #5

Boy Scout Troop 31; Life Service Hours (6hrs) I completed a total of 12 service hours. 

Hours: Three (3)
What: Rochester Childfirst Network
Where: 941 South Avenue, Rochester, NY
When 1/29/11
The Childfirst Network is a group that helps children who need financial help. They usually hold a yard sale to sell donated items cheaply to the kids who can’t normally afford them. These items are stored in a garage that belongs to Childfirst Network. The other scouts and I checked all of the items on tables in the garage for price tags. We also checked the floor of the garage and looked through the boxes to remove the price tags off of the items. We also placed the items in boxes so they could be transported easily. This benefitted the Childfirst Network because they normally have to clean out the garage themselves. Instead, we cleaned out the garage and helped the Childfirst Network. Completing these service hours showed me how lucky I am to have a nice family that cares for me. It also showed me how important it is to be organized.

Hours: One (1)
What: Setup for the St. John Fisher College Merit Badge University
Where: St. John Fisher College 
When 2/25/11
 A Merit Badge University is a day long event in which scouts can earn a variety of merit badges. Tyler B. and I walked through the college campus to hang up signs the night before the Merit Badge University. We walked through the campus with tape and the signs for the classrooms. We then taped the signs for the merit badge classes on their respective doors. We also hung up directions to certain hallways and other places on the campus. In doing this, the scouts and other merit badge counselors would be able to find their way around the college on the day of the Merit Badge University. This was a benefit to the planners of the MBU because the signs are not usually hung up until the day of the Merit Badge University. With Tyler and I hanging up the signs the night before, this allowed the MBU planners to be able to focus more on the merit badges.

Hours: Two (2)
What: Scouting for Food Pick-up
Where: Third Presbyterian Church Parking Lot and around Rochester
When 3/28/11
 I went around with Jack S. as my buddy to collect the bags of food and/or clothing that were for Scouting for Food. During the previous weekend, the bags were distributed to ensure that people received the bags early enough to fill them up with food and clothing. After collecting a few bags and searching through our route a few times, we headed back to return the bags we collected. We picked up a total of four filled bags and a single half-filled bag. This benefitted Scouting for Food because Jack S. and I collected some of the food and clothing that would be donated to them. The food and clothing would be given to the poor. These service hours taught me that you have to be very patient in order to succeed because each time we went through our route we would find another bag or two. I personally benefitted because I felt that I was helping a good cause.  

Hours: Three (3)
What: Clean-up of St. Anne’s Church
Where: Clean-up of St. Anne’s Church, Rochester, NY
When 4/9/11
 I helped by raking up dead grass and leaves on the church grounds. I would then rake the grass and leaves into a large pile. I would bring the wheelbarrow over to the pile and shoved the grass and leaves into the wheelbarrow. I would push the wheelbarrow over to the dumpster with a buddy. After doing that a few times, we all raked up the leaves and grass into a very large pile. We shoveled and raked the leaves onto a tarp and carried it over to the dumpster for the last time. St. Anne’s benefitted from this service project because our raking was a first step of cleaning the church grounds. I learned from this project that in order to accomplish something big; you need to take it a step at a time. This relates to the service project because we only did the first of many steps for cleaning up St. Anne’s Church. After this, I decided to clean up my yard at home, too.

Hours: Three (3)
What: Clean-up of Fayette County Park, WV
Where: Fayette County Park, WV
When 4/20/11
The troop went to West Virginia for our Spring Trip this year. While down there, the troop completed a service project for the Fayette County Park. The troop raked up leaves at a fire circle. The fire circle was at the top of a hill located near our cabin. We raked up leaves that were under the seats of the fire circle. We also raked up leaves that were around the fire circle into large piles. A tractor came up the hill so we could dump the leaves into a flatbed trailer. We also raked leaves near a lean-to which was located at the fire circle. The lean-to was filled with firewood. We organized and stacked the wood in the lean-to. In another section of the park, we raked along a stairway that ran up a hill and we raked along the main road. We piled the leaves along the main road and shoveled them into the same flatbed trailer. The county workers then hauled the leaves away. The troop’s action benefitted the Fayette County Park because we assisted with the clean-up of their park which allowed their workers to concentrate on clean-up in other parts of the park. This service project was payment to the country for the free use of their nice cabin we stayed in and to thank them for their hospitality. I learned to work as a team with my fellow scouts and I also learned how to rake better.

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