Nate H. Eagle Project (McQuaid Jesuit High School '13) - Saturday 4/20/2013 & Sunday 4/21/2013 (from 9 AM to 3 PM): 

The project involves the construction of a meditation garden at Seton Catholic School in Brighton.  The garden will have three main purposes; to enhance the property's appearance, to provide a teaching area for pre-schools and to provide an area for the elementary student's classes to meditate and pray.

Project was awarded Best Eagle Project for July 2013 by SWC Eagle Board of Review

Kevin S. Eagle Project (Penfield High School '13)

Saturday May 4, 2013 & Saturday May 18, 2013  - Project: Expanding Bat Habitat and Education at the Seneca Park Zoo - Phase 1 (5/4): Building the bat houses. Phase 2 (5/18): Installing the bat houses at the zoo.

John F. Eagle Project (McQuaid Jesuit High School '16) 

Saturday August 10, 2013 & Sunday August 11,2013  (from 8 AM to 3 PM) - Seton Catholic School PlaygroundDay 1 (8/10/13): We began working on removing the wood chips from two large areas of the Seton Catholic Sc ool playground. The area with the slide was completely cleared and re-mulched. The area with the jungle gym was mostly cleared and had the curbing installed. Mr. Weiler and some scouts also finished most of the carpentry work on the playhouse. After completely tearing it down and improving the frame, it is now back together and only needs to be painted and have the roofing installed.

Day 2 (8/11/13): We finished clearing away the wood chips form the jungle gym and re-mulched. There were also many scouts and adults painting the playhouses. Mr. Weiler and some adults and scouts finished putting the roofing on and cut away the hazardous railing away form the other playhouse. Both houses received 2 coats of paint. A few scouts and adults dug the holes for the basketball hoops and installed them. 

Troop 31 sends out a HUGE "Thank You" to everyone who has turned out to help with our Eagle Projects. 

One of the most interesting and exciting requirements for achieving the Eagle Scout rank is the required Eagle Service Project. The key to the successful project is leadership, as the Scout expands his service to others, outside of Scouting, in the community.  The Scout must plan, develop, and lead others in doing the project. The National Eagle Scout Association researched the total volunteer hours of Eagle service projects ever done and it came a total of more than 100 million hours of service. Each year, new Eagle Scouts are adding more than three million more hours.

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Troop 31 next Eagle Project:

Davis H.'s Eagle Service Project

Saturday, September 27, 2014 

Davis' project will be at Meridian Park in Brighton.  The project entails trail renovation/restoration. All ages can attend. A flyer will be sent out with instructions, time, and location.  

Please sign-up today this helps to plan for food and service hours

Daniel L. Eagle Project (McQuaid Jesuit High School '14) 

Saturday June 15,  2013 (from 9 AM to 2 PM) - Corbett’s Glen Nature Park Trail Restoration - The project was identified by Mark from Town of Brighton.  This section of the trail quite often floods, especially in the Spring, as snow melts and runs off the hillside.  The goal was to create better drainage for the runoff by installing drainage.  In addition, old telephone poles were laid alongside one side of the trail and then gravel and mulch was used to fill in and raise the level of the trail to help keep it drier.  The project used stone recycled/reused that originally was on the roof of the town hall; the much was provided by the town by chipping wood products picked up by the town; the poles had been previously used and are now being used again. And the bench frame was previously at another site, taken down, repaired and sanded, and now used again - following the Reduce/Reuse/Recycle philosophy - to cut down on the amount of waste we throw away.

Boy Scout Troop 31​ 
Rochester, New York

Jake W. Eagle Project (Harley School '14) - Saturday November 24, 2012 (from 11AM - 3 PM) 

The project benefits RAIHN (The Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network - helping homeless families achieve sustainable independence). The group cleared out the basement and built storage shelves to put donated items.

Tyler B. Eagle Project (McQuaid Jesuit High School '15) - Saturday August 11, 2012 (from 10 AM to 3 PM)

Community Prayer Garden at Christ The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church located at 1000 N. Winton Road.  The project included building and staining three meditation benches and a simple pergola, planting flowers and mulching 75 feet of pathway to be used by the congregations and members of the community for reflection and meditation.

The Prayer Garden is open to the public for the purpose of personal meditation, prayer, and reflection. Members of the congregation had often talked about having such a garden but human and financial resources had historically prevented it. The church is in an urban setting and the congregation is predominantly elderly and could never have undertaken such an elaborate and expensive venture. Now their “Illusive Garden” is a reality and congregation members as well as individuals from the neighborhood are able to sit back, relax and enjoy its beauty. The project was very well organized and Tyler showed strong leadership skills. On Sunday, August 19, the Garden Dedication Ceremony and Blessing was held.

Peter M. Eagle Project ('13)- Saturday February 16,2013 & Sunday February 24,2013

Seton Catholic School Convent Building Improvements - Phase 1 (2/16): Cleaning and organizing the basement of the convent, prepping for shelf installation. Phase 2 (2/24): Constructing and installing shelves along the wall of the storage space, organizing boxes on shelves.